We set out to create a game that is a true challenge. We want to take you back to a time when puzzle games were hard. Where solving puzzles through nothing but your own ingenuity gave you that sense of accomplishment that simply doesn't exist in games today.

There will be no one on the other end of the walkie-talkie ready to dole out hints for the weak and insignificant. In fact, there are no hints at all. So if you're expecting to find a giant I Win button, well, you can suck it.

There will be no artificial time limits placed on our games, either. In fact, we suspect many of you will show up for work looking like hot garbage because you were up all night long trying to solve that one final puzzle.

A big part of the challenge comes from the fact that our game doesn't exist in a box. It exists in the real world.The websites and phone numbers you'll encounter along the way are real, making So You Wanna Save The World a true out of the box experience.


So if you welcome a real challenge, what are you waiting for, recruit?