First off, we wanted to thank you all for your love and support thus far. We've had close to 800 recruits make their way through our free beta episode, and the reception we've received has been absolutely wonderful! We've gotten a ton of feedback, and we are hard at work implementing many of your suggestions and ideas. We are temporarily shutting down our free episode while we work on bringing these ideas to life. Here is a brief snapshot of just some of those items:

1.) While we feel strongly about keeping the adult theme of our game intact, we heard from many of you that wanted to play a more PG version. So instead of toning down our core content (which we have no intention of ever doing), we will be adding an option for recruits to toggle "PG Mode", which will use alternate audio clips and text to provide an experience more suited for family-friendly environment. The action elements of the story will remain unchanged, though. 

2.) Several of you had mentioned that you went to the Recruit Network looking for a "nudge", and occasionally received more of a "push," which ultimately spoiled one or more puzzles for you. Because of that, we will be removing the Recruit Network and building a hint system into Tachyon instead.


3.) Our core focus has always been on providing a fair but challenging experience, one where you are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment for figuring out things out on your own. We recognize many players enjoy hints along the way, where other players are eager to make their way through our adventures using their wits alone. So we are building a ranking system for these players clever enough to make their way through our episodes with minimal hints. This will include leaderboards, and a reward system for those ranking high enough (like entire seasons of our game for free!). More details on this to come.

4.) While most recruits loved going back and finding bonus evidence they'd missed along the way, those that didn't were left with a shorter experience, and they missed some interesting parts to the story the bonus evidence unlocked. So we've decided to remove the bonus evidence entirely, and integrate those puzzles and story elements into the main storyline of the game. This will ensure when you close a case, that you've experienced the full breadth of what our stories have to offer. 

5.) For those of you that really enjoyed finding hidden items, we will be adding more Easter Eggs into the game. Easter Eggs will act more like achievements in your favorite video game, and will play an integral role in the ranking and leaderboard systems.

Stay tuned, there's plenty more to come. We expect to reopen our free episode to all in March. Thanks for your patience and dedication, recruits!