Pardon us while we gush a little.


We’re Andy and Marla Cormier, the husband and wife team behind So You Wanna Save The World. You read that right. We did this. All of this. This game was designed and created by us, mostly in the living room of our home with the occasional great idea occurring in the shower or on a long car ride.

We love escape rooms but were constantly feeling let down by their limitations. No matter how cool the idea, every live experience started with a short “set-the-scene” video that was, at best boring, and at worst, confusing. Then you walk in and the timer starts, “you have one hour to escape.” We get it, live rooms need high turnover so an arbitrary 60 minute time frame makes business sense, but it forces players to either use hints when they don't really want to just so they can play through, or leave the game without getting to see and complete all the puzzles. It's a bummer either way.


We also gave escape-room-in-a-box subscriptions a try, but then we were bound by other timelines. These set by their shipping departments since boxes were sent each month and couldn’t be played as soon as you purchased them. We loved the idea of playing at home but we didn’t love getting bogged down in paperwork and tiny props.


Then we wondered, what would happen if we weren’t forced to watch a clock? What if the game didn’t take place in a themed room, but in the real world? What if you could play from home beyond point and click or having to direct your game master where to look next? What if you could play whenever you wanted, without having to wait for a shipment of envelopes and notes? What if, indeed.


We decided to build a better game, outside of a room, and beyond a box, that was immersive, intriguing, and above all, fun as hell. We wanted players to have those wow moments throughout their experience, not just once or twice. We wanted the ability to tell a real story, one that didn’t have to come to an abrupt end at some arbitrary time, but could be ongoing like the stories in our favorite TV shows. We wanted to up the escape room game itself, and we’re pretty proud to tell you, we did.


So You Wanna Save The World is the product of years of work and countless iterations. Now, we’re recruiting the best of the best.


Are you ready for us?

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