Frequently Asked Questions


So there's a story component?

Hell yes! This is something that is sorely missing in both live escape rooms and subscription-style escape-rooms-in-a-box. You're forced to listen to some lame narrative for 60 seconds which serves as your "story". If you're lucky, you get to listen to a similarly lame narrative at the end of your experience. What fun... We offer a serialized story that carries over from episode to episode. The story progresses as you do, and is told through full motion video clips of your government handlers, and through hand-drawn pages much like your favorite graphic novel.

And there are Easter Eggs you can unlock, too?

Wtf? Who told you that?

So there aren't hidden Easter Eggs?

Jesus Christ is nothing sacred anymore? Yes, there are Easter Eggs, and yes, they're nearly impossible to find. They are for the best of the best recruits, and we highly doubt you're one of them. Who knows, maybe you'll be one of the few that proves us wrong.

Where can I find hints if I get stuck?

Hints? Hints are for the weak and insignificant. Perhaps you aren't the recruit we thought you were. Our agents don't get a ribbon just for showing up, and neither do you. You'll be assisting our covert agents in missions to save the world. There are no freebies, do-overs, or nudges along the way. Look for patterns, seek out connections, get creative, and most of all, keep working. Bad guys never stop trying, and we expect no less from you.

However, we do encourage our recruits to work together with one another. Once you've been issued the proper clearances, you'll have access to our Recruit Network where you can securely discuss the progress you've made in your casework with your peers.

Does each episode have an ending?

Yep! We've designed our games much like your favorite serialized television drama. Each epsiode has a distinct beginning an an end, while the story itself continues on throughout the entirety of the season. In fact, our stories also carry on from season to season!

How many episodes are in a season?

A season is made up of four episodes, and a new episode is released each month. We plan on releasing three seasons per year. That's a lot of saving the world...

Can I subscribe to an individual episode?

Yes, you can. In fact, that's currently the only way you can subscribe. Subscribe monthly and cancel at any time if you decide that saving the world is no longer for you. Eventually, you'll be able to buy entire seasons as we make them available, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Can I play with with friends?

Yes. In fact, we highly encourage it. Saving the world is tough shit. The more brain power you have assisting you in your adventures the better off you'll be. So host a game night, pretend to be grinding away at your boring-ass job while you and your coworkers are stealthily solving cases, and neglect your child's sporting events while you and the other parents focus on more important things, like saving the world.

I want to play but I can't afford it!

Cool story, bro. Our agents lay their lives on the line every day to protect this country, and you can't scrounge up a measly $30 a month to assist them? Consider yourself officially off our Christmas card list.

What is required to play?

You'll need a computer, a smart phone, and your wits.

What if I don't have a mobile phone?

Then you disgust us here at So You Wanna Save The World and should be unequivocally outcast from society. Oh, and you can't play, either.

What's this I hear about bonus evidence?

Ah, the mythical bonus evidence. Some recruits claim that our agents have hidden bonus evidence throughout each episode for those clever enough to find them. Some have even said that they've received additional story elements when combining bonus evidence and solving its subsequent puzzle. Of course, that intel has yet to be verified.

What happens if I find all the Easter Eggs in an episode?

Those capable of finding both Easter Eggs in any given episode will be rewarded with hidden backstory that the weakest among you will never get to experience.

Can I play with my children?

Absolutely! Especially if you plan on fucking them up for life. Let us be clear, saving the world is a nasty business and it's no place for children. We proudly cater our online escape room experiences exclusively for adults.

How long does an episode take to complete?

That depends on how adept you are at saving the world. To be clear, our games are not like physical escape rooms where you have an hour to escape and your game is over whether you finish or not. There are no forced timers, so take as long as you need. The game is over when you complete it. We've seen recruits showing up to work like hot garbage because they were up all night long trying to solve that one final puzzle.

So I can start and stop playing whenever I want?

Yep. At some point you should probably pay a bit of attention to your nagging family, after all. That's why we've built in case notes. Case notes unlock as you progress, and you can easily see every step you've taken, what puzzles you've solved, and exactly where you've left off. So you'll have no trouble putting it down and returning to it at a later date.

If I cancel my subscription will I lose access to my previous episodes?

No. What do you think we are, scumbags? What you pay for you keep, forever. If you decide to come back, you'll be sent the next episode in your series like you'd never left! Don't worry, we track all of that so you don't have to.

How do I know if So You Wanna Save The World is for me?

Simple. Answer this question honestly: do I suck at life? If the answer is yes, then you'll have a terrible experience with our games. No joke. For everyone else, we've created a free, full-sized, prequel episode to season one. No limited time bullshit, no sketchy trials, and no credit cards required. Simply click the Free Episode link in the header, create your free account, and you can start your first adventure right now.

I'll be the best recruit you've ever had. How can I prove it?

Well, let us start off by saying we sure do like your style. We highly encourage our recruits to compete with one another. How else will we find the best of the best? We keep tabs on our recruits every step of the way. You'll be able to see exactly how long it took you to solve each episode, as well as each season, for ultimate bragging rights. Eventually, you'll even be able to compare your times against all of the other agents in our network to see how you fare on a global scale. That technology is still being developed though, so stay tuned.

Can I play if I'm not a US resident?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Due to some of the technology we use, such as covertly calling and texting our recruit's mobile phones as they progress through their stories, we're unable to do this outside of the United States. We are looking at ways around this in the future, but we have no estimates as to when that might happen.

Are new cases really delivered to me each month covertly?

Yes, of course. What do you think we are some small and shitty escape-room-in-a-box company? Each month we'll encode this emblem: into a piece of junk mail. To the rest of the world, it's just another piece of trash you didn't ask for. To you, however, it means our agents have another case for you to work. Once you have your verified junk mailer, it's up to you to determine where to go and what to do next to unlock your new case file.

What if I don't receive my new case in the mail?

If I am hearing you correctly, I believe what you are really asking is I suck so bad at everything I do I fear I'll miss the junk mailer entirely. Do you make accomodations for losers like me? As luck would have it, yes, we do. For arguments sake, let's say the USPS fucks up a delivery now and again... hey, it's been known to happen. We'll automatically add a digital version of the junk mailer to your case notes on the 20th of each month. Of course, not discovering your encoded junk mail means other recruits that do will have a head start on you. But hey, keep telling yourself there's nothing wrong with coming in last place, truly.


Are your games hard?

Saving the world isn't easy, if it was, what the hell would we need you for? We're bringing puzzle games back to a time when there was an actual challenge to things, where using your detective skills and god-given intuition to figure what to do next was half the fun. You couldn't Google an answer in five seconds, and there was no one on the other end of that walkie talkie waiting to give you hints, either. Most importantly, there wasn't a giant I Win button, and here at So You Wanna Save The World, there never will be. When our agents fail, people die. Don't expect a trophy for second place.