Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find hints if I get stuck?

Your first line of defense is to look for patterns, seek out connections, get creative, and most of all, keep working. Bad guys never stop trying, and we expect no less from you.

We also understand that getting stuck without any idea of what to do next can really suck. We do have a hint system built into our Case Notes for each go, but use these sparingly because they will add to your final time thereby lowering your ranking. No free lunch, am I right?

Can I play with with friends?

Yes. In fact, we highly encourage it. Saving the world is tough. The more brain power you have assisting you in your adventures the better off you'll be. So host a game night, gather around the computer, and enlist your friends in helping you save the world, or don’t and hog all that glory for yourself. Your call.

Can I play with my children?

Yes, but we have to ask, “why?” Let us be clear, saving the world is a nasty business and it's no place for children. We proudly cater our online escape room experiences exclusively for adults. The subjects and storylines are for grown-ups.

Thinking you’ll avoid any embarrassing moments by selecting the PG rating? Well….the rating doesn’t change the content of the episode but it does remove the adult language.

I'll be the best recruit you've ever had. How can I prove it?

Well, let us start off by saying we sure do like your style. We highly encourage our recruits to compete with one another. How else will we find the best of the best? We keep tabs on our recruits every step of the way. You'll be able to see exactly how long it took you to solve each episode, and be ranked at the end of your case for ultimate bragging rights. You'll even be able to compare your times against all of the other agents in our network to see how you fare on a global scale. Show us what you’ve got!

How do I select the PG or R rating for my game?

First, let’s start by saying that these cases were designed for adults so we recommend playing in R. It’s fun, it’s irreverent, and it’s the way the game was intended to be played. Afterall, what kids are going to be out saving the world, am I right?

If you're determined to live in a PG world, you can globally set a PG or R toggle on the fly by logging into and editing your "Mode" setting in your Recruit Dossier.

How do the achievements work?

They work perfectly, thanks for asking! Ok, ok, achievements are secret, hidden items that only the most elite recruits will discover. Finding them reduces your final time, boosting you in the rankings. Not finding them won’t hurt you, but you may experience feelings of shame, regret, and insignificance. FYI, you can continue to look for them once you’ve completed your case but even if you do find them, it will be too late to earn the time bonus.


So there's a story component?

That’s right. In fact, that’s just one of the many things setting us apart from live rooms and subscription boxes. Beyond the lame intro video we’ve all sat through, or the poorly narrated stories of the box-delivered-to-your-door variety, we offer a serialized story that carries over from episode to episode (think about your favorite TV drama, yeah it’s like that). The story progresses as you do and is told through texts and phone calls from our colorful cast of characters, and through hand-drawn pages much like your favorite graphic novel.

Are your games hard?

Saving the world isn't easy, so don't expect the puzzles you’ll be up against to be easy either. Where’s the fun in breezing through a game? Nah, we’ve made sure to test our recruits in a variety of ways with a unique set of challenges in each episode. We're looking for the best of the best. Are you up for the challenge?

Does each episode have an ending?

Yep! We've designed our games much like your favorite serialized television drama. Each episode has a distinct beginning and an end, but as you continue to unlock episodes the story continues. Get to know the other members of your team, because they'll remain with you every step of the way.

Is there a subscription?

Ew, no. The only contracts we deal in are contract kills and you’re safe from being on that list. Our recruits are free agents, picking up new cases when they’re ready. You can continue with new episodes whenever you want, and gain access to them immediately.

What is required to play?

You'll need a computer, a smart phone, and your wits. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt, but it’s not required. You'll need to play on a desktop or laptop computer, and supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You'll also need a US or Canadian mobile number (more countries on the way).

What if I don't have a mobile phone?

Um, seriously? Then you'd be out of luck. Wrestle up a burner and let's get to saving the world already!

How long does it take to complete an episode?

That depends on how adept you are at saving the world.

To be clear, our games are not like physical escape rooms where you have an hour to escape and your game is over whether you finish or not. There are no forced timers, so take as long as you need. The game is over when you complete it. We've seen recruits showing up to work like hot garbage because they were up all night long trying to solve that one final puzzle (and we totally respect them for it).

You should expect to dedicate several hours for an average playthrough.

How do I know if So You Wanna Save The World is for me?

Hard to say, after all, we just met. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself these questions: Do I like escape rooms? Do I enjoy solving puzzles? Do I love the feeling of satisfaction from figuring out challenges? If your answer to any of these is “yes,” you’re going to love us.

But don't take our word for it, see what it means to take part in the most interactive escape game on the planet by running through our free Recruitment Trials.

Can I play if I'm not a US or Canadian resident?

We currently support players from the United States and Canada. The technology we use requires us to add new countries one at a time, and we do have plans to support additional countries as we move forward.

Please reach out if you'd like to see your country supported!

So I can start and stop playing whenever I want?

Yep. At some point you should probably pay a bit of attention to your nagging family, after all. That's why we've built in case notes. Case notes unlock as you progress, and you can easily see every step you've taken, what puzzles you've solved, and exactly where you left off. So you'll have no trouble putting it down and returning to it at a later date.

Is the first episode really free?

Yep. No subscriptions, no credit cards, no BS.

What is an online escape room experience?

First, let's cover what we're not. We're not a subscription box that arrives at your doorstep. Everything you need to play is included when you buy an episode which is why you can play instantly. We're not a virtual escape room where you move through a live game via a virtual game master over Zoom. There is no physical room. The entire game was built online, no gamemaster required. We're not a point and click game where you click your mouse on a desk drawer to see if it opens. So You Wanna Save The World takes place in the real world with real websites, real phone numbers, and real text messages which means you'll have to use your real wit and puzzle solving skills to follow the evidence. So what are we? We're a play-at-home game that's designed to be experienced from a desktop or laptop. You can play alone or with friends but keep in mind, So You Wanna Save The World is highly interactive and will make good use of your cell phone so the best experience comes when you, and anyone you play with, are seated around the same computer rather than playing together virtually.