We've gone to great lengths to make our game as interactive as possible, right down to how we deliver your new cases each month. Now we could simply email you, or even worse, send you a branded box in the mail each month like some kind of shitty escape-room-in-a-box company. But we, or should I say, your government handlers, would like to think they're a little more clever than that.

Hidden away among the never ending array of bullshit junk mail you receive each month, will be an encoded mailer from them. One month it might be a an advertisement for a realty company, the next, a carpet cleaning service. Every month will be different, just in case the mailer were to fall into the wrong hands.

If you spot our logo on a parcel of junk mail, your government handlers have contacted you, and your new case has begun. It's up to you to decipher the clues on the mailer and ascertain where to go and what to do next to unlock your case file.

Happy hunting, recruit.